Yumi Sushi in Excelsior

Oct 30th, 2012 | By | Category: Restaurants in the Twin Cities

For all of you that read my blog ofter you know that I am an actual sushi fanatic.  We went out with some friends to Yumi Sushi http://www.yumissushibar.com/ and I have four words for you…”Are you kidding me!!”

It was so fresh and the presentation of the food was beautiful.  The restaurant had just moved to a new location and it was beautiful.  It was lit perfectly and the vibe was a little trendy and a little romantic.  It was very busy with a long wait….definitely worth the wait!!!

I actually felt like we were out of town for the night as excelsior couldn’t be a cuter area to walk around in.   Okay prepare yourself for the pictures that you are about to enjoy.  If you try to physically take a piece of sushi off of the screen your kids may think you are a few clicks off of normal.  I would still try to see if it works, it’s that good!!

sexy lighting!!

yummy green salad….


Seriously????? How thick are those pieces sliced!!! SCORE!!!


Shut the front door!!!!!!

How much sushi can 4 people pound?? Ummmmm Like 800 million pounds worth!!!!

For all of you non sushi eaters the teriyaki salmon was perfectly cooked and the veggies were steamed just right with a big bowl of rice.

The service, atmosphere and the food were A+!! Let me know how you all like it when you go and try it out!!

Sending you tons of love and SPARKLES!!! xoxxoxoxoxoxxoxo

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