Salmon, Salmon, Salmon!!!

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I was so hungry like a bear in the woods and I was craving every healthy food item on this planet!!! So here is my dinner concoction that I put together and let me tell you right now….IT ROCKED THE HOUSE DOWN!!!!!!

It was so good and so easy to throw together and had every possible vitamin and mineral on this earth in it. Then next day I looked 8 years younger because of all of the good Omega’s!!!!

Here we go!!!


Wild Salmon Fillet  ( I am a pig so I ate  1 1/2 pound piece myself)

Baby Tomatoes  (you can use any kind you like but I am physically in love with the yellow one’s)

Seasoning (I used my Cavender’s Greek Seasoning)

Green Onions

Fresh Basil


Add the green onions

Cover with the Basil

Covered it with my Greek Seasoning

Send it off to your grill for about 10-12 minutes on high!!


Then I steamed:

Green Beans



Baby Spinach

Thank you Farmer’s Market!!

I grabbed a giant bowl and put some fresh romaine lettuce and strawberries cut up.


Then I made a quick homemade vinaigrette to pour over it:

Balsamic Vinegar




Dijon Mustard

Fresh Basil

Green Onions

Lemon Juice

I love this!! 

Get it going!!!!

That’s what I am talking about!!!! Done baby!! 

Blend it to perfection!! You can use any fresh herbs you want.  The more herbs the better it is!! Dump it all in and don’t be scared!!!!

Now it’s time to put the masterpiece together!!!!

Are you kidding me?? What ever person invented the grill should seriously be our next president!!!

Throw those steamed veggies on top of the romaine and strawberries.  Can you see the steam?? I know totally cool effect, I kept it for the drama of this picture!!

Now put the salmon and the roasted tomatoes right on top of the veggies and drizzle the dressing around it!!!

This is a dream in a bowl.  Yes I ate every single bit of it!!!! Enjoy!!

I am wishing all of you a day filled with sparkles and salmon!! xoxoxoxoxxoxo

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