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Someone please tell me the cure for this disease that my child has……Shock therapy? A hand eye coordination tutor?  Prescription glasses?  Hmmmmm I am totally baffled!!!!! Please let me know if you have a child that suffers with this and maybe we can start a support group!!!


Wishing all of you a day filled with SPARKLES and LOVE!!! XOXOXOXOOXOXOOX

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  1. well, maybe she spends a lot of times with boys…they seems to have been born with this disease, all of them…I will join the support group- i have 3 bathrooms and am the only one that ever replaces the rolls, you are lucky she didn’t leave you high and dry with just the empty roll hanging there…thanks for the laughs- sparkles to you-e*

  2. I have been left high and dry!!! Fun times!! xoxoxoxoxoxxo

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