My 43rd Birthday Morning with Morgan….

Sep 24th, 2012 | By | Category: Sparkle of the Day

As we jumped into the car on our way to take Morgan to school it was my 43rd birthday.  From the minute I woke up Morgan had her laptop set to the song “Were gonna have a good day” and it played over and over as she danced around the house wishing me happy birthday.  It was a beautiful start to my day as you all know each celebration in my life is bitter sweet.  The dream that both of my children are going to come in and wish me a Happy Birthday will never be my reality.  With that said I do feel so lucky and fortunate that my daughter always, always makes me feel like the most special mommy in this world and I know that Q is looking down at me and sending me birthday love as well.

Like I just said Morgan always knows how to make me feel special and loved on those special days of the year.  I am a very lucky mommy but now the fun part starts.  I looked at Morgan as I was driving her to school and asked her….”okay sugar assess my 43 year old birthday face and I really want you to be honest.”

She responded, “Okay mom here we go…you know your smile lines?  Well there are getting worse and you have a few more of those little wrinkles by your eye but I think the biggest change is under your eyes they like sink in in parts and then they are super puffy.”

Excuse me while I try to breathe and not let my jaw hit the ground…then she told me, “Mom you told me to be honest!!”  I thanked her for the honesty and then she gave me the magical number, it went like this.

“Mom, I give you a………………..32.”  “You are no longer 28 years old, sorry mom, you are now 32.”

YES!!! I pulled a 32!! I thanked her and picked my jaw up from the ground and looked in my rear view mirror at my “32” year old face and was pretty flipping happy!!

I ate that whole damn brownie for my 32nd (43) birthday and hopefully after eating 8,000 calories it will make my lines on my face plump up more!!!!!!!!

I am wishing all of you a day filled with SPARKLES and honesty!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxooxox

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