Lula’s Sweet Apothecary

Jan 9th, 2012 | By | Category: NYC, Travel

I was dying to try this little dessert place because it had soft serve soy frozen yogurt and soft serve cashew frozen yogurt!!! The flavor I most wanted to try was there Cake Batter.  So after Chris and I went to this great little sushi place for dinner we realized that Lula’s was literally about 6 blocks away!! I was shaking for it!!

Have you ever gone to a movie that you heard amazing reviews for and then when you saw it you were totally disappointed because it didin’t live up to the hype??? Bingo, damn I had such an expectation that I wouldn’t be able to live without this place…..not so much.

We walked in and I swear the entire place was smaller than my closet at home.  There were two people working there and let’s say not the friendliest.  I asked if I could try a sample of the yogurt and she said they only sample the ice cream and not the yogurt.  Really???? Well we were there and I guess I was going to get it regardless.

I ordered a large cup of the soy yogurt in the cake batter flavor and Chris ordered a regular ice cream sundae.

Cake Batter Soy Yogurt = Not so good!!! argh!! Wasted calories, I should have just gone to a local bakery and chowed down on a giant black and white cookie!! Lesson learned.  Chris’s sundae was okay nothing amazing.  :(

Sorry Lula’s we won’t be back!!

These two desserts were 15 dollars…..really???  It would have been worth every penny if it tasted great.

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  1. You ordered the worst flavor they have! I love Lula’s, but I hate that cake batter soft serve with a vengeance.
    Stick with the cashew based hard ice creams. Peanut butter anything is amazing, anything that has a richer flavor to it is usually good (rather than something like the cookies and cream, which I don’t think is as good).

  2. when I am back in NYC I will have to give it another try! :)

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