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Okay so I will confess something to you. I was a Valley Girl in the 80’s, yup basically I was straight out of Valley-Girl Movie or Fast Times and Ridgemont High.  I lived in LA for 15 years until the 1994 earthquake totalled my apartment.  It was insane and after a year of riots, floods, fires and finally the 6.6 that rocked our house down it was time to journey back to calm Minneapolis. 

With that said I LOVE going to LA for vacation.  The beach, mountains, sunshine and especially the 850,000 frozen yogurt shops to keep my belly full!!!!

 This is the lobby of the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica!! Great hotel and awesome service!!!

This is the view from our room.  Are you kidding me?  I can literally throw my flip flop in the water from my balcony!!

So when we arrived at the airport we went to the car rental counter to pick up our car.  I had a reservation for a SUV.  I went up to Bernardo the Thrifty car man and he proceeded to tell my that the SUV’s were all gone but he has a Minivan for us.  Excuse me I just choked again, a MINIVAN!!! Okay here is the deal Minivans are awesome for families and children but we are two chicks away from our family and children in Los Angeles and he is trying his best to sell me on the idea. So I told Bernardo that our combined age was not even 60 and a Minivan is out of the question. ( I love that he didn’t challenge that statement since we are both in our 40’s, now I am feeling really young!!)  So then he tries to shove us in the smallest compact car known to man. Have you seen my legs? Can you also tell me how to shove 7 suitcases in a car the size of a microwave??  So then he said I have a Charger for you….now your talking Bernardo.  So Loren and I head down the escalator to grab our silver Charger.  Literally two minutes later the gal at the counter downstairs said the Charger is gone.  What??  As I am about to go crazy on her she sweetly said do you want the convertible??  Mmmmmmmm, “What kind is it??” I said, she followed with “a black Mustang.”  SCORE!!!!!!  Just two words for you, SMOKING HOT!!!!



So the minute we left the airport our black beauty went directly to the Bigg Chill http://thebiggchill.com/ (my favorite yogurt place in LA!!)  Check out my half angel food cake half chocolate brownie with a giant side of roasted almonds!!

here is Loren’s peanut butter and chocolate mix with almonds and vegan cookie dough!!

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  1. Who’s the hot blonde chick in the photo, is it really you? We’re supposed to deteriorated with age but you improve, god that p*sses me off! :) What’s your secret Nina??????

  2. It was a fun car!! I feel so honored to be able to have spoken to all of you. It truly brings such joy to me to be able to share my beautiful boy with everyone. I hope that I have many, many more opportunities to speak again. I am really working hard to make that happen. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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