Kettle Chip Chicken

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This chicken recipe seriously is the easiest thing since sliced bread!!  You can get it ready anytime during the day then 35 minutes before you are ready to eat pop it in the oven and serve it up baby!!!!


Chicken breasts (or boneless chicken thighs if you prefer)

One bag of Kettle Chips (I like the Parmesan and Garlic one’s)

Sea Salt and Pepper

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Spray a little olive oil spray on a cookie sheet before you put the chicken on it.  Pound the chicken then add a little seasoning , crush the chips, then mush it on the chicken!!! I mean really how easy is this!! BTW the kids love slamming the chicken flat and totally dig smashing the chips!!

Bake for 35 minutes and you are done!!

Last night I served it with whole wheat spaghetti and tomato basil sauce, a bowl of fresh strawberries and giant organic carrots that I peeled and chopped into pieces.  This is so easy and so quick!! Enjoy and let me know how your’s turns out!!

You can use any brand or any flavor of Kettle Chips.  The beauty of these chips is that you don’t need to add anything else because they already have oil in them.

This is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.  Full on mini Cuisinart!! Just pop the chips in and grind it!!!

20 seconds later they magically turn into chip coating!!!

My secret is I put saran wrap right on the granite then I put the chicken on top then I cover it with another piece of wrap!

This is such a great tool!! One side is flat and that’s the side I pound with and the other side is for meat tenderizing.  Go Good Grips!!

I flatten the chicken until it’s about 1/4 inch thick.  Then once you are done just peel back the top layer of saran wrap.

Dump the chips on top and mush it in then flip it upside down on the greased cookie sheet and add more chips to the top.  That’s it now pop it in the oven.

This is such a quick and easy side dish and you can get your whole grains in with the pasta.

Add some veggies or fruit or a salad on the side and BAM dinner is done!!

This is my step daughter Ashley’s.  She can’t eat anything without her Ranch Dressing!!!!

Easy, easy, easy!!!! Enjoy!! xoxoxoxoxo Okay Mom I know that you are looking at this picture and saying, “Nina you need to add some color to the plate, it would just look so much better with a little bit of green.” :) So yes let’s all imagine for my mom that there is a GIANT piece of broccoli in the right bottom corner!! :)

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  1. FUNNY MY DAUGHTER!!! I have had this, and Nina is right…….yummy!!!

  2. :) love you!!

  3. Trying this recipe 2nite

  4. let me know how it turns out lovebug!!!! xoxox

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