Homecoming 2012!!

Oct 1st, 2012 | By | Category: Sparkle of the Day

When did this happen? Wasn’t I just getting her ready for her stage performance with her little dance outfit yesterday??

I was getting Morgan ready for her first High School dance and I  was in shock first of all that she is in High School and I am in awe of the beautiful young woman standing in front of me.  She literally takes my breath away.

She invited about 24 kids to her Grandparents house for pictures and dinner and it couldn’t have been a more spectacular evening!  Thank you Mom and Dad for the perfect backdrop for all of their pictures!!!!  The weather was gorgeous, the girls were giddy and the boys were nervous.  Perfect!!! Just how it’s supposed to be!!



I used to do her make up and now she does it!!!!

“Okay Mom stop taking pictures everyone is coming now!!!”

OMG the boys will be here in two seconds!!!

Her friend Sam, cute or what!!!!!!!

Enough said!! These girls are beautiful!!!!!

It ended up being a perfect night with no drama, that’s all you can ask for at your first High School Dance!!!

SPARKLES for everyone today!! xoxxoxoxoxxo

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