Finger Lickin Good Ribs Baby!!

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Big Ass Slab of Pork Back Ribs (Costco of Course has Rock Star ones!!)

Olive Oil


Sea or Kosher Salt

Brown Sugar

Garlic Powder


Chili Powder

Cayenne Pepper

A bottle of your favorite BBQ Sauce

Full on Memorial Day BBQ!!! Just add some sweet corn, watermelon, roasted potatoes and of course a Dairy Queen Blizzard for dessert!!

I love taking a big tupperware and throwing all of these spices in it and I make a ton so that I have enough rub for a couple of rib recipes or it makes a great rub for a big fat juicy steak!!  If you were wondering on how much of each spice just add around the same for each of them except I use more brown sugar so it caramelizes on the ribs and a less of the cayenne pepper unless you want to burn your insides!! You can always use black pepper instead of cayenne if you prefer.

After you rinse off the ribs pat them dry really well.  Once they are really dry take some olive oil and rub it all over until it’s lightly coated.  Sprinkle it with the rub and go to town on them.  When I say go to town I really mean it, get into it and make sure they are totally covered with the amazing rub that you made.  It smells so good it’s stupid!!

We throw them on the grill on a rotisserie and cook them at 225 degrees for 2 1/2 hours then we coat them with BBQ sauce and turn the heat down to 200 for 30 minutes.  If you don’t have a grill with a rotisserie you could always bake them in the oven and then I would suggest par boiling them first.  Make sure you have a side of BBQ sauce on the side for extra dipping!!

Okay here’s the deal Mama doesn’t eat this because if you didn’t already know I am a “Cuteatarian” aka the chick that doesn’t eat anything cute.  I know it’s completely shallow of me to only eat ugly things but it’s true.  I love the animals with sweet eyes and long eyelashes!!!! Yes for all of you wondering if I wear leather….obviously!!

Chickens, Turkeys and fish watch out because I am one hungry girl and my grill is on and it’s hot and ready to cook you up!!!!!! Damn I am drooling!!! (not for the ribs but for my giant piece of salmon!!!)


BBQ Goodness!!

Seriusly this is a big box from Costco which is perfect for bringing these hot, juicy ribs inside from the grill!!!!

Chop them up baby!!!!

I would like to thank my husband for rocking these out tonight!! He was also the photographer!! Good job Prince Charming!!! His dad came in town on Sunday for 2 weeks and we put him to work on cutting the ribs, yes those would be his hands with the giant knife, full on hand model!!! To top it off my mom came over for dinner and some of my chicks for a perfect night!!

Seriously???? How funny is this picture?? So my husband is 6’6, his dad is 6’5 and my mom who is 5’6 looks like a 12 year old!! Full on Giant Sandwich!!!!!!!!!

If you have any questions or comments I love them so write away!! xoxxoxoxoxo enjoy!!

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  1. You should think about bringing out a Nina’s Cookery Book . I keep meaning to save your recipes but don’t get around to it. I would love to have them in a book. Think about it beautiful girl love Judy xxxxx

  2. Great dinner………even Greater picture!!!! I always thought of myself a “big girl”, so this pictures really makes me look like a little kid…….thank’s to the Astor “boys”!!

  3. Thank you Judy!!! You can find all of them on the blog!! I would love the recipes you used to make me all the time in London!! You are the most amazing chef ever!! love you!!! oooxoxoxoxo

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