Chinese Food Again and Again…

Apr 30th, 2012 | By | Category: Chicken, Restaurants in the Twin Cities

I am going to share with you one of my favorite special time saving and money saving secret :)

Who doesn’t love picking up Chinese food?? Okay so here is the deal, are you ready……..

Exhibit A -

Exhibit A is simply ordering from your favorite Chinese Restaurant and having one or two of the orders with the sauce on the side.  First it is so much healthier to dip it. You will save you a ton of calories and sodium your body didn’t need!!!

Our favorite dish to order is Chicken with Broccoli with a spicy brown sauce.  We love the Jasmine Garden in Hopkins if you live in the Twin Cities.  Full on hole in a wall but the food is so cheap and so fresh and they have brown rice, BONUS!!!!

Exhibit B -

Two nights later….

I take the extra sauce and I have enough left over for two more homemade stir frys in my own wok.  Tonight was Organic Chicken Breasts with Organic Carrots and Broccoli.  The next one could be steak and mushrooms. The possibilities are endless!! I hope this inspires you to wok up something fun as now all you need are the veggies and protein!!! xooxxoxo

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  1. Sounds delish sparkle pie! BTW- fish the other night was GREAT!! I was a little scared in the beginning with the strong odor, luckily you talked me through that one!! xoxo

  2. I am so glad you loved it!!! You seriously made me laugh so hard when you smelled the fish sauce!! LOVE IT!!! Keep cooking sunshine!! xoxoxxoxo

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