Challah French Toast!!!

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How about breakfast for dinner????  Go straight to the store and grab a challah!!!! This is so easy and so good it will literally take you ten minutes and dinner is done!!!!

Let’s get started!!


One loaf of Challah (it’s a Jewish sweet egg bread)




Vanilla Extract

Cut the bread into thick slices and set aside.  In a cookie sheet or big pan mix up a bunch of eggs and a little milk to it and whisk away.  I also like to add cinnamon and vanilla extract to the eggs as well.  Use your best judgement on how many eggs depending on how much bread you use.  The bread will literally soak it all up in a few minutes.  Heat up a griddle pan or a regular saute pan and cook away, make sure the heat isn’t to hot as you don’t want it to burn before the inside is totally cooked or you will end up with a raw egg mess on the inside.  Top it with syrup or fresh fruit and if you want to add a little more protein my mom always served it with cottage cheese on the side.  If you have any questions on the amounts leave it in the comment box and I will help you ASAP!!

Make the slices big!!!

Seriously….how easy is this!!

Get ready to wisk!!!

Remember to make enough

Lay the bread in the egg mixture then keep turning them until all of the egg is soaked up on each side.

Ready to cook!! Heat up your pan before you cook the french toast.  Make sure to spray the pan or add a little butter before you start so it doesn’t stick.

Perfectly browned!!!!!

Add the syrup!


I had to put two pictures because it is so damn good I am seriously licking my screen!!!! Some of my favorite memories growing up was when we had breakfast for dinner.  For kids they think it is like the coolest thing ever!! You will score some serious brownie points!!!  Make more and throw them in the freezer and heat them up in the morning for breakfast!!!!

Wishing all of you a day filled with LOVE and SPARKLES and maple syrup!!!! xoxooxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxxox

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  1. Nina, I love reading everything that you write. Guess what we will have for dinner tonight???

  2. Thank you Gail!! You are having FRENCH TOAST!!!! I hope you do there is nothing better than breakfast for dinner!! xoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxox Let me know how it was xox

  3. Why don’t you make this for me???);

  4. Oh my beautiful daughter I would love to make this for you!!!! xoxo

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