Another Year Done…

Jun 4th, 2013 | By | Category: Sparkle of the Day

The school year is ending for everyone right about now and my head and stomach are swirling with emotions.  First let me start off by saying I am a Mom of a 10th grader!! What?  That part really doesn’t make sense to me as in my head I am only in my 20’s.  I love watching Morgan every year become more and more of an adult and I am so proud of her everyday.  She has a heart that oozes gold and I am so excited for her to keep going on her journey.  Off to camp for 6 weeks and the end of the Month.  She is soooooo going to miss me…NOT!

I know that I better start preparing myself that soon enough she will leave me.  I have told her that no matter where she goes I will be purchasing an apartment one block away from her.  I mean really what is she going to do without me?  Exactly…nothing because I will be one block away from her at all times.  She will get used to it after time!

Now comes the other part of my swirl.  Today Q would have graduated from lower school and would have been starting middle school next year.  I try to sit and imagine what he would be saying and doing.  Which girls he would be driving crazy and watching his pictures appear in the 5th grade video.  During these days I would love to say thank you to my beautiful friend Lisa who always helps me with these milestone moments as her daughter was Q’s good friend and the same age.  She helps protect my heart when I don’t remember dates, ages and moments.  A true angel that I am so very, very lucky to have.  I love you Lis more than you will ever know…

If you are feeling swirl emotions for whatever may be your reason listen to one of my favorite songs and it will make you smile and groove…

Enjoy your summer.  Try something new.  Feel something you have never felt.  Laugh just because.  Cry just because.  Change someone’s day with your kind words.  Roll in the grass.  Have a picnic.  Try a new food.  Look at the beauty around you.  Read a new book.  Start a new TV series.  Dance in the kitchen.  Eat brownies.  Be safe….

Wishing all of you a day filled with SPARKLES and LOVE!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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  1. My Dear Nina,
    It is hard for me to say to you all I want, but I think you know all that fills my head and my heart today. This day has weighed on my head for a very long time, as you and I have recently talked about. Actually, I have thought about this day since the last time we gathered to celebrate graduating from kindergarten and he wasn’t there as he should have been. As I celebrate Sammi today, it doesn’t come without crying for you. It has been constantly on my mind, and will be. He is not forgotten. Nor are you. It’s all so unfair as I know he should be part of today.
    Never forget how incredible I think you are. I know it doesn’t mean much, but you amaze me each and every day. I love you.

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