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Sep 6th, 2012 | By | Category: Restaurants in the Twin Cities

We went to Aji in Hopkins and I have to say I loved it!! I checked before hand and found out they don’t have brown rice sushi so I was excited to know that they allowed me to bring some and they would use it. BONUS!!!!

So we stopped on the way at my favorite Chinese restaurant Jasmine Garden down the street and picked up myself a giant quart of hot brown rice and brought it right in to Aji.

On Sunday nights they have a menu that you can just keep ordering and ordering from for only $26 dollars.  So when you eat as much as we do unfortunately for Aji they lost money on us.

We started off with edamame which was cooked perfect and a field green salad with the yummiest ginger dressing.  Ginger dressing is key in my world and this dressing rocks the house down.  I actually dip my sushi in it because I am not a salt girl and soy sauce scares me!!!  If I had soy sauce I wouldn’t be able to type right now because my hands would be as swollen as mitts!!!!

The menu…exciting huh!!

Very cool place.

The service was great and they were super sweet!!

Ahhhh yum!

Pretty, tasty and spicy!!

Shut up right now!! Rock on brown rice sushi!!

Yes, there is more for my belly!!!

Gimmie a “P”

Gimmie an “I”

Gimmie a “G”

What does it spell!!!!! PIG yep that’s me!!!!

I would recommend trying it out as you will love it!!

Enjoy and I am wishing you all a day filled with SPARKLES!! xoxoxxooxoxox

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  1. Grrrrrrr…..looks soooooo good and how so cheap????? Sushi here in London is not comparable and you don’t get change out of $100 for a snack :( But our Chinese food is second to none :)

  2. So jump on a plane now so I can buy you some sushi!!! xoxoxxoxo

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