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Hi my name is Nina and I am almost 46 years old (but if you ask my daughter I am 35.2) and I live in Minneapolis, MN with my beautiful daughter Morgan.  I really wanted to start this blog for a long time and I am so excited that it has come to fruition!!  I have been through hell and back over the last 9 years and I hope that through my experiences I can help someone with theirs and make them see the sparkle through the madness.

I loooovvveeee cooking and I hope that you like my made up recipes! I love eating healthy and filling my body with tons of great food.  Being a personal trainer and a chick with high cholesterol I am always filling my body with a rainbow of foods everyday.  It really makes you feel great!!

My favorite things:

My family and friends ( I am so lucky to be blessed with the most extraordinary, kind and loving people on the planet!)

Gigantic Platform Wedge Shoes (totally obsessed, I’m not kidding even my house shoes are 5 inches!!)

Clothes with sparkles on it

Long eye lashes

Lip Gloss (It just makes you feel pretty!)

Working out (nothing feels better than when you feel strong)

Coffee (ahhhhhhhhhh)

My Chick aka Morgan (even though I think I am just trying to find my way back to high school!!)

What baffles me most is what happens to me every morning I wake up and look in the mirror.  I mean really??? Aging is funny!!! I guess if I would have been born a man I wouldn’t have to worry about going grey and getting wrinkles however on the positive side they don’t get to wear layers and layers of MAC sugar-rimmed lip gloss and I do!! They don’t even know the power sparkly lips have!!

Whether it’s food, kids, divorce, parenting, fertility, loss, marriage, health or just some random question I hope that I can help or at least give you some ideas that have helped me that hopefully can help you! I just ALWAYS try to find the positive in every situation that is placed in front of me each day and try to find the beauty of it.

I have been so lucky to be able to speak to people about my life and I hope that I am able to make a change in this world for the better.  This is my speech about my story that I use for speaking engagements.  My speech

I am really looking forward to continue to speak to people all around the country to help them find the sparkle in there life!!



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  1. Hello Nina,
    I was blessed to hear you speak at the Women’s Conference. To hear you share your heart, your life, and life’s pains. I thank God I was able to sit one table over. To see you go up to the Mike, as I watched you walk up i thought “She looks so young and so precious”. When I heard you speak. I saw a young woman, so precious, and so full of Love. I also saw a strong courageous woman, that life hit with a heart ripping blow. You stood and spoke so tenderly, that’s love.

    I was also blessed to be able to speak with you after. Keep wearing things that bling. Not only do you Sparkle, you also Shine in life, and love.


  2. Hi Robin,
    Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I felt so blessed to be able to speak to you after my speech. You are a beautiful, strong woman as well and just remember to honor your heart each day. You can always write me if you are having a tough day and I will do my best to fill you with sparkles!!! xo

  3. Thank you so much for your words. :)

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