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Apr 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Los Angeles, Sparkle of the Day

I just came back from Los Angeles with my beautiful daughter and it was amazing!!! Here are a couple of highlights that I am not sure are supposed to make me feel Awesome or make me feel Ewwww Really??  Let me know what you think and leave me a comment!!

I jumped on my Sun Country flight and was greeted by three of the sweetest flight attendants.  Two women and one man who were so sweet and kind that I knew this was the perfect start to my trip.

So now comes question #1…

The gentleman flight attendant said, “You remind me of a 25 year old Barbara Streisand.”

A.  He just said I looked 25! YEA!

B. He just said I looked like Babara Streisand. Hmmmmmmmm why not Sofia Loren? (I know I’m grassping here!!)

Please for the love of G-D choose Sofia!!! ha ha


Here we go for dilemma #2.

It’s the night of my daughter Morgan’s 14th birthday and we had the best time being total girls in the hotel room primping and putting make-up on and doing our hair together. After an hour of this we headed down the elevator and we were on our way to venture down to grab the car from the valet boys and this was the conversation that went on…

“Hey you girls look really nice where are you headed?” 1. girls?? YEA for me and HMMMMMMMM for my daughter. Then I came back with, “We are going to dinner to celebrate her birthday.”

Then Valet #1 replied, “Oh nice Happy Birthday.” (then he shot a look to Valet #2 like I got it and I shot a look like you got what??)

Which then I replied, “my daughter’s 14th birthday…with a you better stop thinking what you are thinking look.”

Then he said “I thought you were sisters.”  2. Score for me and Ewwww for my girl.

Which then he finished with telling Valet #2 that he better stop thinking what he was thinking immediately.  I agreed and drove away as my anxiety started acting up!!!!

There is nothing more fun then giving your 14 year old your IPhone and having a photo shoot at any given moment!!!!  Vacations are truly a gift especially when you have so much going on at home.  Both Morgan and I cherish each second of each day together and I love that she takes millions of pictures as I have only about 5 from her age, wow how times have changed!!

After a week of people telling my daughter that they thought we were sisters she was ready to come home and I was ready to stay!!!!!!!  Back to reality with cooking and laundry…I don’t feel like her sister anymore!! Calgon take me away!!!!

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