3 Ingredient Gnocchi Bliss!!

Aug 13th, 2012 | By | Category: Pasta, Recipes

So do you guys have like twenty minutes to make a rock star dinner???  Twenty minutes and 3 ingredients and you will become a champion in your own kitchen!!

My spicy Italian Gnocchi is so easy I almost feel like I am cheating my family when I make it.  Okay so I am not making my sauce from scratch (stop giving the screen a dirty look Mom!!!) and I am not making my own spicy sausage, I mean really when you have whole foods spicy bulk Italian sausage and someone who really wants to wrap it up for you why would you make your own?


1 pound of spicy Italian Sausage

1 jar of Classico Vodka Sauce

1 package of Gnocchi  (I like the Archer Farms brand from Target)

Brown the sausage in a pan until fully cooked.  Drain the excess oil from the sausage and then add the Classico Vodka sauce to the pan with the sausage and simmer.

Grab a pot and boil some water.  Once it comes to a rolling boil add the Gnocchi. They will hang out at the bottom of the pan and in about 3 minutes they will float to the top and they are done!!! Drain the water and then add the Gnocchi to the sauce and stir them in.  Then if you like you can add fresh Parmesan or Asiago cheese to the top!!! I mean really, everything is better with cheese!!!!

just plop the sausage in a saute pan…

As it heats up it will break up into smaller bits

Okay seriously Mom this stuff is good!!!!! I mean someone made it from scratch, right???

Good job Target, these are really good!!

The sausage is cooked and drained

Add the Vodka Sauce

Mix it up and simmer it until the sauce is warm around 15 minutes

Add the gnocchi to the boiling water

The little potato dudes are gonna hang out on the bottom until they are done cooking

Now they are rising to the top!!! mmmmmmmmmm

Drain the water and put them directly into the sauce…

Mix it up and you are ready to plate and serve it up!!

YUM!!!!!! Rock it with a salad or steamed veggies and some fruit and dinner is done!!!!!!

Wishing all of you a day full of SPARKLES!! xoxoxoxxoxoxxo

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  1. I know what’s for dinner tomorrow! Thanks Nina :))

  2. My pleasure!!!!!! Enjoy! oxoxoxoxo

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